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Dialogue about our daily routine

Anna: Hi!

Arthur: Oh hey! How are you?

Anna: Thanks, I’m fine, and you?

Arthur: I’m great.

Anna: Let’s sit on the sofa and talk. I want to know you better.

Arthur: Okay.

Anna: I’m so glad, you came over. So, tell me about yourself, what’s your typical day like?

Arthur: So, I usually wake up at 7 AM, because my school starts at 9. I go to the bathroom; I wash my face and brush my teeth. I have breakfast with my family at around 8:15 AM, we usually have omelet with toast and orange juice. We all leave home at 8:30 AM. My parents drive me and my sister to school and then they go to work. I have lunch at cafeteria at about 12:30 AM. I leave school at about 1:35 AM, I take the bus and I go home. I do my homework, read some books, go for a little walk or play with my little brother. Then I have dinner with my family at about 7 PM, then we watch TV together, than I take a bath and at 10 o’clock, I turn of the lights and go to bed. What about you?

Anna: My day starts at 7 AM, I go to the bathroom and take a shower. I have breakfast just with my mom, my dad leaves home earlier. Then I go to school by bus. I have lunch at about 12:45 AM in school cafeteria. After I finish school I go to straight to home. I do my homework about 3 AM. Than I go to dance classes. I love dancing so much. I have dinner with my family about 7 PM. I help my mom after dinner than I go to my room and start talking to my friends and drawing. Before going to sleep I like reading. At about 10:30 o’clock I turn of the lights. Thank you for coming, hope we will meet soon, bye!

Arthur: Bye Anna and thank you for inviting me, we will meet again.

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