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I am Sebastian

I’ve been studying in Mkhitar Sebastian Edu Complex for already six years and I love that school so much. It gives me an oprutinity to explore my own self, by choosing the subject that I love and studying them, also we travel a lot which gives me an opportunity to explore new places.

I don’t think that in another school, I would’ve been able to do all the thing that I do here, even the free speech is such a nice thing to have in school system, because it helps the student communicate with the teacher.

To sum this up I would write, that I am so happy to be a Sebastian.

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My family

There are six people in my family: my mother, my father, my grandmother, my sister, my sister and me. our family likes to celebrate all Armenian traditions, we live in Yerevan and we like to travel.

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English homework:

Answer these questions
What is your

  • favorite tv show?

Stranger things

  • favorite book?

Harry Potter

  • favorite food?


  • favorite pizza topping


  • favorite holiday?

Summer holidays

  • favorite ice cream flavor?


  • favorite movie?

Fast and furious

  • birthday?

May 13th

  • favorite fast-food restaurant?


  • favorite number?


  • favorite color?


  • favorite relative?

My cousin named Ashot

  • favorite song?

Tokyo drift

  • middle name?


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My summer holidays

I have spent my holidays travelling to see car drifts and just have good time. My first summer trip was In Gyumri, it’s a beautiful city and every part of it is worth seeing. I also went to Lori to watch a drift show again and the way to Lori was more beautiful and I think that Lori is like another world. Both car drifts were cool. I ended my summer with visiting Sevan both times and I have been swimming a lot. I can say that I have spent those trips just to be in the water and the weather was warm and nice. I hope my next summer would just be as good as this one.  

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English homework:

Lesson one

Complete the sentences with the forms of to be in the present simple (am, is, are).

  1. I am at home.
  2. She is not at home in the morning.
  3. We are in the park.
  4. This is my new laptop.
  5. Our friends are on their summer holidays.
  6. Uncle George is a good football player.
  7. The dog is under the table.
  8. He is very funny.
  9. The shoes are white.
  10. You are right.
  11. Susan is good at tennis.
  12. They are in the house.
  13. His T-shirts is cool.
  14. My sister is a good swimmer.
  15. She is in Italy.

Change the verb into the correct form:

1. London is in England.
2. The summer is hot.
3. She is very well.
4. They open the store at 8:00.
5. Linda is a very pretty girl.
6. I had several jobs.
7. Water is boiling at 100 degrees.
8. Water is freezing at 0 degrees.
9. My sister is speaking English.
10. He has a big apartment.
11. A triangle has three corners.
12. My birthday is in June.
13. Books have pages.
14. Dogs  are good friends.
15. I am working hard.