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Simple Past vs Past Continuous

1. She       wasn’t knowing   didn’t know  ✔ that I       was watching   watched   ✔ her while she was singing.

2. James       was falling   fell   ✔ off the stairs yesterday while I       was cooking   cooked   ✔ dinner.

3. When the train       was arriving   arrived   ✔, we       were chatting   chatted   ✔ with my friends.

4. When you first       was coming   came   ✔ to this country, I       was working   worked   ✔ as a cashier.

5. The first time I saw you, you       were playing   played   ✔ the guitar and Bella       was singing   sang   ✔ our favorite song by the beach.

6. I       was calling   called   ✔ you as soon as I       was hearing   heard   ✔ the news.

7. I don’t know what it said but when she       was receiving   received   ✔ his e-mail, she       was crying   cried   ✔ a lot.

8. While it       was raining   rained   ✔ yesterday, we       were swimming   swam   ✔ in the sea.

9. We       were calling   called   ✔ the insurance company when our car       was braking down   broke down   ✔ in the middle of the highway.

10. My dad       was coming   came   ✔ home just when the game       was ending   ended   ✔.Correctness =  ✔

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